🌟 Discover the Phoenixes of Tomorrow: Gen.T's NFT Collection for Meaningful Causes 🌟

🌟 Discover the Phoenixes of Tomorrow: Gen.T's NFT Collection for Meaningful Causes 🌟

🐦 Rising from the Ashes: The Symbol of the Phoenix

If you could be a bird, wouldn't you want to be a phoenix? These legendary creatures regenerate by rising from their ashes, making them a symbol of resilience and strength. Earlier this year, the Gen.T team decided to create an NFT collection with a social mission, representing the young leaders on the Tatler Gen.T List and their driving force: purpose.

🌐 Meet the Changemakers: Gen.T's Leaders of Tomorrow 🌱

What is Gen.T? The annual Gen.T List is a prestigious compilation that celebrates 300 Leaders of Tomorrow who are actively shaping Asia's future. These trailblazing entrepreneurs, innovative creatives, and inspiring young leaders are making a positive impact in the region by pushing boundaries, driving change, and setting new standards for excellence.

🔥 The Power of the Phoenix: Gen.T's First NFT

What better character to represent this collection than a phoenix? The mythical bird embodies the fire, spirit, and purpose of those with the potential to ignite new possibilities.

🎨 Introducing the Phoenixes of Tomorrow NFT Collection

The Phoenixes of Tomorrow is a collection of 180 profile picture (PFP) NFTs that belongs exclusively to the honourees on the Tatler Gen.T List 2023. Singaporean artist Dawn Ang, also known as Aeropalmics and a 2022 Gen.T honouree, designed the NFTs with her signature style of vibrant colours and playful details. If you look closely, the phoenixes don accessories and headgear inspired by Asian heritage, such as noodles as hair and a neckpiece made from satay.

🌏 Paying it Forward: The Friends of Phoenixes NFT

To enable Gen.T honourees to pay it forward and give back to society, they are also gifted a Friend of Phoenixes NFT, which can be bought by anyone in their network or beyond on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Proceeds from the Friends of Phoenixes collection will go towards local charities and non-profit organisations across five markets:

🇭🇰 The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

🇸🇬 The Codette Project: a non-profit helping to upskill women from minority communities in Singapore

🇹🇼 Kids' Bookhouse: supporting lifelong education for children in Taiwan

🇵🇭 Angat Buhay: a non-profit implementing community-centered and sustainable development initiatives in the Philippines

🇲🇾 Yayasan Chow Kit: a 24-hour crisis center for at-risk and displaced children in Malaysia

Join the journey and make a difference with the Phoenixes of Tomorrow NFT collection, supporting meaningful causes across Asia. 🌈

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