🔎 NFT Collection Spotlight: Clone X

🔎 NFT Collection Spotlight: Clone X

In previous blog articles, we’ve covered the basics around cryptocurrency, a broad view of NFTs, and how to generate your own NFT collection.

👀 In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Clone X NFT collection, and provide information on what it is and how it works. Here is our brief guide to get you on a clearer path to understanding.


👉The Clone X NFT collection is a profile picture (PFP) project featuring 20,000 generative 3D avatar NFTs known as Clones. The collection is native to the Ethereum blockchain.


Within the Clone X NFT collection of 20,000 avatars, there are a total of 8 DNA types made up of human (with a 50% rarity), robots (30%), angels (8.75%), demons (8.75%), reptiles (1.25%), undead (0.6%), Murakamis(0.5%) and aliens (0.15%). The collection also has over 300 unique 3D traits and 13 trait categories.

These variables include a huge variety of hairstyles, accessories, and clothes available that allows collectors to find the Clones which best represents them. Together, these randomized traits determine the appearance of each Clone X NFT. As with other collections, NFTs with rarer traits are deemed more valuable.


During the start of the Covid pandemic in early 2020, RTFTK was founded by a trio of people with experience in tech and entertainment. The three co-founders are Benoit Pegotto, Steven Vasilev and Chris Le. Together they formed RTFKT Studios as a leading creative web3 brand, creating virtual sneakers👟 and virtual NFT fashion pieces for metaverses such as Decentraland, and live events where physical sneakers could be obtained with their NFTs.

To complete its metaverse credentials, RTFKT launched their own 3D avatars, branded as Clone X. The Clone X NFT collection was launched with a pre-sale of 10,000 NFTs on November 27, 2021 for existing RTFKT NFT holders, and a public launch of the remaining 10,000 two days later at an initial mint price of 3 ETH (which was approximately just under USD$12,300 at that time) and was later standardized down to 2 ETH (roughly USD$8,500).

At the time of writing, Clone X has achieved USD$826 million in sales volume.


The RTFKT team approached Takashi Murakami, one of the most influential Japanese🇯🇵 contemporary artists🎨 in the world, to create, design and build out the artwork for the collection. These 3D avatars create the foundation for an entire ecosystem that goes beyond clothing.

The success and popularity of Clones attracted the attention of sportswear giant, Nike, who announced their acquisition of RTFKT Studios in late 2021. The acquisition of the entire RTFKT team and product line is a testament to the quality of the brand that they have built.


By owning a Clone X NFT, holders gain access to the RTKFT ecosystem with a focus on metaverse products such as digital wearables👓, exclusive airdrops, and access to real-world events as well as opportunities to purchase early releases from new collections.

🪂Clones holders were airdropped a Space Pod, a Loot Pod and a MNLTH NFT for simply owing a Clone X.

Clone X takes substantial steps in inclusivity by providing as many different kinds of people as possible with avatars to represent them in the virtual world. This level of inclusion goes beyond just race, skin tone and biological sex, such as the rare “vitiligo” skin condition trait.


After Nike’s acquisition of Clone X, they released a “phygital” offering via the Clone X x Nike Air Force 1 Low NFT collection. Via a Forging system, NFT holders are able to acquire physical merchandise based on their specific NFT with designs inspired by Murakami’s creations.

During a “forging event” held in late April, early May 2023, holders of the eligible digital collectibles were able to redeem their Air Force 1 NFTs for physical, made-to-order sneakers👟. Future phygital wearables from Clone X may include hoodies, jackets🧥, t-shirts👕, hats🧢, socks🧦 and more sneakers.


Space Pods are the virtual space and home for a Clone X NFT and acts as the gallery to display and customize a holder’s NFTs. Loot Pods are additional space extensions for the original pods.  These were followed up with PodX – an extension to Space Pods featuring Nike branding.


🌟RTFKT and Nike are fostering a growing online community and encouraging creative engagement and open-source development, such as its creator challenge, where anyone can participate in building the Clone X universe. The Clones are an integral part of the world that RTFKT is building. What sets the team apart is their ability to build a brand that merges the digital with the physical.


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