❓ What Are Crypto Airdrops?

❓ What Are Crypto Airdrops?

In previous blog articles, we’ve covered a broad view of cryptocurrency and profiled Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other altcoins. Cryptocurrency airdrops🪂 have become increasingly popular in the blockchain world.

👀 In this article, we’ll explain what cryptocurrency airdrops are, their different types, the process of participating in them, as well as some examples. Here is our brief guide to get you on a clearer path to understanding.


👉A cryptocurrency airdrop is a marketing technique used by blockchain projects to distribute free tokens to a group of users. Tokens received can access services on a platform, or traded on exchanges for other crypto or fiat currencies. Airdrops are usually implemented through a smart contract📄 on the blockchain, which automatically distributes tokens to eligible users.

Cryptocurrency airdrops have become a popular way for projects to create buzz📣 and attract new users👥. By distributing free tokens, projects can introduce their platforms to a wider audience and incentivize users to become early adopters.


  • 💱Distributions are made to a specific group of users based on certain criteria, such as holding a specific token or completing a task.

  • 💰Significant Value to users can be offered by airdrops, with some projects distributing hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of tokens.

  • 🎁Benefits from airdrops exist for both the project and its users. For the project, airdrops can increase user adoption and encourage early-stage investment. For users, airdrops offer a learning opportunity for new projects, free tokens, and potentially earning profit from the tokens’ appreciation.


There are several types of cryptocurrency airdrops, each with its own implementation and reward structure. Understanding the differences between these types of airdrops can help users decide which ones to participate in and how to maximize their rewards.

🪂Standard Airdrops – Participants interested in receiving an airdrop simply express their interest in order to receive the airdrop.

Snapshot / Holder Airdrops – Tokens are distributed to users based on their existing holdings of a specific cryptocurrency. For example, a project might distribute free tokens to anyone holding Bitcoin on a specific date. This type of airdrop incentivizes users to hold a particular cryptocurrency, which can benefit the project by increasing the token's liquidity and adoption.

💸Bounty Airdrops – Rewards users for completing specific tasks, such as promoting the project on social media or participating in a beta test. This incentivizes users to actively participate in the project's growth and can help create project buzz and awareness.

🏅Exclusive Airdrops –Specific people are individually selected according to elements such as time spent on a project, most money spent on non-token activity, or number of forum posts. NFT marketplace Blur has engaged in a series of exclusive airdrops through 2023 by rewarding users that actively trade and advertise tokens for sale on their platform with BLUR tokens.

🤑Investor Airdrops –  Distributed to users who invested during the project’s initial coin offering (ICO) or private sale. This incentivizes early-stage investment and helps the project raise funds and create a community of dedicated users.

🎫Raffle Airdrops – Basically airdrops rewarded randomly to users who bought or earned raffle tickets for the airdrop.

🏹💰 Quest-to-Earn (Q2E) – Enables users to earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks like solving riddles, ordering meals, taking pictures and more. These quests promote a healthy, active and engaging way to make money.

An example of Q2E is QuestN – a web3 platform app that allows its users to obtain token, NFT, whitelist & Discord role rewards by participating in quests and events. Galxe is another leading Q2E platform building web3 communities with reward-based loyalty programs.

Some projects may use multiple types of airdrops simultaneously, depending on their specific goals and needs. For example, a project might use a snapshot airdrop to reward existing users and a bounty airdrop to attract new users to the platform.


Participating in a cryptocurrency airdrop is straightforward but requires knowledge and preparation💪📝.

1. 🔎Finding a legitimate airdrop – 🔍Research is crucial when participating in cryptocurrency airdrops. Many platforms share information, but not all are trustworthy and some may be scams. To ensure legitimacy, verify the airdrop, investigate the project and team, read user reviews, and confirm the airdrop's presence on the official project website. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from potential risks.

2. ✍️Airdrop sign up – Participating in an airdrop usually requires sharing personal information like email or social media profiles. Additional tasks may be needed, such as following the project on social media or joining their Telegram group.

3. 📝Meeting eligibility requirements is essential for airdrop participation. Factors like location, social media following and blockchain involvement may be considered. Review and meet all requirements before participating.

4. 🎁Claiming rewards – requires filling out a form or providing a wallet address (consider using a separate wallet for airdrops). Tokens may be distributed immediately or have a delay depending on the airdrop.

🔮 As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the concept of airdrops evolves along with it. In the meantime, the information in this article can help with safe and effective airdrop participation, and learning more about the exciting world of blockchain and web3.


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